Professional & Varsity Teams

With PNOĒ you can offer all of your athletes easy and affordable metabolic testing (AKA VO2max) the time burden of translating the results into actionable workout and nutrition recommendations.

Our advanced data analysis software and reporting will reveal several essential elements of an athletes’ physiology that traditional metabolic analyzers do not including: fuel economy, muscle composition and fat burning efficiency. As a result, using PNOĒ from the onset of an athlete’s development can reveal his genetic predispositions help him direct his development towards the sport or position he is “really made for”.

PNOĒ’s portability allows you to conduct sport specific protocols and quantify your athletes’ performance in real training conditions. Check out our Technology and Science section for more information around the value of field testing.

  • Gain access to multiple devices through our service option for high testing volume with $0 upfront cost
  • Have our operators execute the measurements and our experts analyse the data
  • Conduct sport specific protocols and analyze your athlete’s physiology in real training conditions