Corporate Wellness

A single adverse cardiac event can cost up to $1M in healthcare expenses and lost productivity. What is most brutal about this, is that most cases are preventable through early diagnosis and personalized workout and diet.

PNOĒ provides the only non-invasive and scientifically validated method for detecting latent cases of cardiovascular disease before they become life threatening and assessing whether a weight loss intervention is actually working or leading to the notorious “weight loss plateau”.

As a result, with PNOĒ you can effectively tackle obesity and cardiovascular disease in your organization, two biggest drivers of healthcare expenses and productivity loss.

The PNOĒ assessment is conducted by our certified operators and can take place in the office gym or any surrounding fitness facility without any additional space requirements.

Data from the measurements are communicated live to the PNOĒ cloud where our proprietary algorithms use them to generate the PNOĒ report. Each report is then individually vetted by our experts to ensure the quality of our recommendations.

Our team of experts maintain a direct line of communication with your employees to ensure adherence to the program or interface with your existing corporate wellness provider.

The American Heart Association in 2016 elevated VO2peak -one of the key biometrics measured by PNOĒ- to a vital sign and supported its institution in every routine health evaluation. This was a result of decades of scientific research which unequivocally justify VO2peak as the strongest predictor of overall and cardiovascular mortality and morbidity; stronger than blood pressure, cholesterol or tobacco use. Moreover, several longitudinal studies have demonstrated a strong correlation between VO2peak and reduction in healthcare expenses. Specifically, for each unit increase in VO2peak, healthcare expenses are reduced by ~$1,500 annually whereas the likelihood of mortality is reduced by 15%.

  • We guarantee the positive financial outcome for your organization
  • Complete cardiovascular and metabolic disease screening in just 10 minutes by our certified operators
  • Personalized diet & exercise programs vetted by our experts