Triathlon Training With PNOĒ Precision

Triathlon Training With PNOE Precision Coaching

Justin Rezvani just completed his first full Ironman triathlon event in Mont Tremblant in Canada, Quebec. The PNOE Metabolic Analyzer and PNOE Precision data about his metabolism provided him with guidance all the way through his training.  It also helped him successfully complete an Ironman triathlon in nine months starting from zero experience in endurance training and events.

Step 1: PNOE Metabolic Analyzer and Triathlon Coaching

Justin bought his device on January of 2019 and enrolled in PNOE’s coaching program.  He used the PNOE Metabolic Analyzer to monitor in real time his energy expenditure, fat and carbohydrate oxidation as well as mechanical power output. 

He had no prior experience with endurance sports before joining PNOE’s PrecisionPerformance program other than jogging once in a while. 

We’ll go over the data that was collected a day before the race.  That is when Justin put on his PNOE and set out for a shake out ride.  

He is on the phone with his PNOE coach who is guiding him through the ride to test his metabolism at different levels of exertion.  This helps him determine how to ride and run during the event.  

Where Metabolic Precision Matters in Triathlon and Training

Lets see why precision matters. 

First lets look at the basics of training with metabolic analysis. The fats, carbohydrates and proteins found in the food that we eat contain the energy our body needs to move and sustain life. Metabolic analysis allows us to measure how the chemical energy contained in these nutrients is processed through our cells and ultimately converted into movement. 

This assessment provides 2 layers of information. First, what is the total amount of chemical energy, in other words calories, we need to consume in order to produce a given amount of mechanical propulsion, for example 200 watts. 

And second, out of this amount of chemical power consumed, how much came from fats and how much came from carbohydrates. This allows us to measure several things related to a person’s physiology that can separate success from failure for an endurance athlete:

  • First and foremost, it allows us to measure mechanical efficiency, also known as economy in the movement of running or biking. This is the most important metric for every athlete as it dictates whether or not his energy consumption rate is compatible with the distance he needs to cover.
  • Secondly, it allows us to measure fuel efficiency.  Fuel efficiency is the ability to rely on fats as a fuel source. This is highly valuable as it dictates a person’s fueling requirements during and before the race. 
  • Next, by measuring mechanical and fuel efficiency on the bicycle we can fit an athlete’s bicycle in a way that optimizes for energy conservation.
  • And lastly, we can do the same type of analysis in the movement of running.

Typical Triathlon Training Analysis

Let’s now see Justin’s data during his shake out ride as an example of a typical analysis. 

Justin rides with his bicycle while wearing the PNOE Metabolic Analyzer. The goal is to ride at 3 or 4 different intensities in order to understand the impact that each increment has on his mechanical and fuel efficiency. 

For the first stage of 220 watts, we can see his energy expenditure averaging at 14.8 kcal/min with 72% coming from fats and 28% coming from carbs. His VO2 is at 37.8 mil/min/kg and his RER at 0.76. 

We then asked Justin to ride at 235 and 250 watts. 

In the second stage, we saw a reduction in mechanical efficiency by nearly 15% and a minor reduction in fat utilization from 72% to 70%. 

Moving on to 250 watts Justin’s efficiency dropped by another 20% and fat oxidation dropped from 70% to 60%. 

Based on these numbers Justin is able to safely keep 220 watts for his ride and push to 235 watts if needed without a significant toll on his energy reserves. However, if he pushes up 15 more watts, Justin will start to fatigue at a disproportionately higher rate. This makes 235 the highest advisable pace for his upcoming race. 

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