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Workout Plans: How To See If Muscles, Heart or Lungs Are the Weak Link

Here is the best method to see if muscles or lungs are the weak link, and provide a basis for workout plans. Where should I focus workout plans for my clients to make them better?  Here we show how cardio-metabolic testing can provide the answers.


Weight Loss Science: The Calorie Deficit Paradox

Weight loss science begins with the calorie deficit.  We’ve shown that cutting calories and creating a caloric deficit during the day, or eating fewer calories than you burn, is the only way to lose weight. However, the paradox is that our metabolism will slow down as soon as we reduce calories.  This makes weight loss harder the more weight we lose.  This paradox is the main reason all the “Biggest Loser” participants gained back their weight.  We’ll explain how this works and how to counteract this phenomenon in your fitness programming. 


PNOĒ Portable Metabolic Analyzer Validation Report

PNOĒ Portable Metabolic Analyzer Validation Report

The PNOĒ portable metabolic analyzer received independent validation by a multicentre committee of experts from Georgetown University in Washington, The Washington DC VA Medical Center, Rutgers University in New Jersey and Harokopio University in Athens, Greece. The study showed that the PNOĒ metabolic analyzer provides accuracy and reproducibility equivalent to the COSMED Quark CPET, the gold standard clinical standard in the field of cardio-metabolic testing.


Triathlon Training With PNOĒ Precision

See what’s behind Justin Rezvani and his first full Ironman triathlon event. The PNOE Metabolic Analyzer and PNOE Precision data about his metabolism provided him with guidance all the way through his training.  It also helped him successfully complete an Ironman triathlon in nine months starting from zero experience in endurance training and events.


Smartwatch Alert: Your Calories Burned Walking Is Wrong

In this video we go over the problem of smartwatches and wearables and how inaccurate the common measure of calories burned walking can be.  Studies show that the estimated calorie burn can be off by as much as 50%.  We explain how everyone can correct this with data from a metabolic analyzer. 

Beating The Weight Loss Plateau

In this video we go over how the weight loss plateau is one of the biggest issues anyone faces when attempting to lose weight.  The more you crash diet and start losing weight, the more your metabolism slows.  The more your metabolism slows the harder it is to lose weight.  We explain why it is important to measure our body’s energy expenditure during this process with a metabolic analyzer and the principles to beat the weight loss plateau.

Proper Posture Assessment Using Metabolic Testing

Proper Posture and Body Imbalance Assessment Using Metabolic Testing In this video Ara Keshishian from Chevy Chase fitness demonstrates how metabolic analysis can be a powerful tool for assessing proper posture, body imbalances, and ventilation mechanics. VIDEO TRANSCRIPT Previously we shared literature which shows that ventilation mechanics are the strongest predictor of myoskeletal problems, body […]