Stars of Precision: Find out How Each of These Customers Grew Their Personal Training Business with PNOĒ

There’s no doubt that adding personal trainer business to any health, fitness or wellness enterprise can be financially and professionally rewarding. It’s rewarding to see your clients use your expertise to grow and improve in their health and fitness. In many ways, seeing them meet their goals is a reward for you.

So why should you focus on personal trainer business, whether you are experienced or not?

The reason is metabolic testing. It is practically revolutionizing the industry. Professionals across the board are raving about the new revenue potential of metabolic testing analysis and personal training prescriptions.

Whether it’s doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, gym owners, personal trainers, nutritionists or coaches, they all say the same thing: “With metabolic analysis I have a tool to create precise nutrition, workout, recovery exercise and other prescribed activities that produce effective results.”

The amazing data that metabolic testing produces covers it all, with precision: Weight loss programs, nutrition programs, workout programs, cardiovascular disease prevention programs, diabetes prevention programs, posture improvement programs, stress management programs, athletic performance programs.

How, you might ask? 

Here are some ‘Stars of Precision’ to learn from. These professionals use the PNOE Metabolic Analyzer System, the most accurate equipment in the industry, to make their clients’ health, weight-loss and fitness goals a reality.

1. James Newbury

James Newbury owns CrossFit Mode and trains with clients at Soul365 in Adelaide. He is also the fittest man of Australia and ranked 5th in the CrossFit Games 2019.

I’ve been using the Pnoē now for around 12 months and have to say it’s really opened my eyes to how to better assess my clients, friends and myself. Gauging how you are metabolically functioning is tough but with this unit you can get precise data anywhere, anytime. You can literally run up a mountain or cycle on a velodrome with it on while it uploads data in real time to your coach anywhere in the world.

Pretty epic!!

-James Newbury


But how does the device work? How can it extract these measurements? 


person training with weightsJames has his clients put on the PNOE mask and analysis unit, along with a heart rate monitor. Then it is very easy to connect both systems to the PNOE app on a phone. Then the test is started and operated from the phone. The system then collects breath by breath data during resting test and activity tests, along with corresponding heart rate. The system measures levels of VO2 and VCO2 consumed and produced by a person, and also tracks ventilation data. With the wealth of metabolic information measured by the system, James can examine a multitude of things. The most common metrics are how much energy is being spent in an individual’s body, and whether a body is using fats or carbohydrates for fuel.

Armed with this invaluable information, trainers like James can create training zones for clients to follow to meet their fitness goals, determine workout intensity, and track progress. He also is able to make sure his clients are maximizing the amount of fuel expenditure and optimizing calorie burning.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

2. Max Finkbeiner — Crossfit Treetown Owner

Max Finkbeiner, the owner and founder of CrossFit Treetown, uses the PNOE Metabolic Analyzer System as the foundation for his Ticker Training Program a program that has seen great success among professional and recreational CrossFit athletes but also everyday gym-goers. 

This image shows Max running two tests at the same time making $150/client for a 30 min metabolic testing session.  For many customers like Max, PNOĒ has become the second largest revenue stream after subscriptions. 

So how does it all work?  

It’s easy.

Here’s the process Max uses in testing clients prior to designing their programs: 

  • Prep the PNOĒ devices for a test (~3 min)
  • Help customers put on the portable PNOĒ equipment and heart rate monitor (~2 min)
  • Conduct the metabolic test on the cardio machines in his gym  (~15 min)
  • Explain the real-time metrics to clients and explain the use of the data (~5 min)

Total time investment: 30 min 

Revenue $300 

In the business that Max has, he can make up to $300 per 30 min just with the metabolic testing.  This doesn’t include the additional revenue per client for memberships, programs and other coaching services. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

3. Rick Rutkowski — Physical Therapist

Rick Rutkowski is a physical therapist and personal trainer that’s been using PNOĒ for over a year. He’s found incredible success with how his clients have grown and evolved. Rick is also one of the PNOE leaders in using metabolic analysis for posture assessments.  

Recent research has shown that elements in our breath can provide a deep insight into our posture and the risk of developing mobility problems. Specifically, Breathing Rate (number of breaths we take per minute) and End Tidal CO2 (highest concentration of CO2 at the end of exhalation) are some of the strongest predictors of myoskeletal problems among several other metrics which are frequently included in Functional Movement Screening. 

Breathing Rate and End Tidal CO2 are among the metrics measured by the PNOĒ breath-by-breath metabolic analyzer.  Rick and others who work with patients facing mobility issues can now use metabolic analysis to help assess posture and provide programming to help improve it. 

I’ve been using the PNOE system for over a year now. It is very user-friendly and easy to incorporate into your business or practice. Tests can be done quickly and within a day or two you will have a full report for your clients. It’s a great system in that it allows you to access a gold standard method of computing aerobic fitness levels, training zones, calories required and much more. 

-Dr. Rick Rutkowski, Physical therapist and personal trainer

As you can see, many professionals in fitness and health have improved their personal training business by using PNOĒ’s metabolic analyzers. If you want to gain your own success and grow your personal training business with PNOĒ, contact us directly for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!