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Max Finkbeiner

Owner of CrossFit TreeTown

"PNOE helped me expand my business nationwide by backing my programming with science"

Despina Zoura

Registered Dietitian

"I am now attracting customers all across Italy for my metabolic analysis program"

Dr. Philip Goglia

The most famous nutritionist in the US

"The best metabolic analyzer I have worked with in my career"

PNOE Builds Businesses

The PNOE Device

  • Breath by breath detection - according to gold standard method
  • Real-time connection to PNOE app and PNOE cloud for real-time connection with trainer anywhere around the world.
  • Ultra fast Oxygen (O2) and Carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors for highest possible accuracy.
  • Skin breathing material for prolonged comfort.
  • Low resistance flow sensor.


PNOE Device

How It Works

Wear the mask and the device



Connect to the PNOE app



Monitor fuel utilization, muscle fatigue and workout intensity in real-time

Get a comprehensive diet & workout report for your clients

Why Use PNOE

Measure accurately caloric needs, training zones, fat burning efficiency, muscle fiber composition and much more!

Find your optimal pace and true training zones based on weather conditions, landscape and sport.

Measure muscle exhaustion to optimize training intensity and avoid injuries.

Communicate biometrics to your trainer anywhere around the world in real-time.

Analyzing metabolic data is time consuming and requires special skills. The PNOE team now does the heavy lifting for you and provides you with a comprehensive report for every test you conduct containing a complete workout and diet plan.

Conduct unlimited VO2max tests anywhere at all times.

Conduct unlimited RMR tests to accurately determine nutritional needs.

How the 10 minute test works.

Data for precise & effective client plans.

How to build your revenue.

See how the phone app works.

See the data and client reports.

Watch why PNOE is 

a Simple & Affordable Business Builder 

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Click the button or email for immediate response. $349/mo rent | $275/mo lease | $167/mo finance

Max Finkbeiner, owner and founder of CrossFit TreeTown decided to invest in a $20k metabolic analyzer about 1 year ago. However, after experiencing technical problems he decided to return it and invest in his first PNOE device. PNOE’s ease of use allowed him to implement metabolic testing to nearly every member of his CrossFit Box. By acquiring deep insights into his clients’ metabolic state through the PNOE device and educational program he was able to substantiate the effectiveness of his programming which quickly gained popularity among neighboring fitness centers. Max is now expanding his knowledge and programming nationwide through the Ticker Training program, a method with proven results on both CrossFit Athletes and everyday gym goers. 

PNOE helped Max take his program nationwide in just 6 months -  True story!


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PNOE Device

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Lifetime License


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Monthly Support

$ 349/mo

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