The flow of oxygen in our body

Our body depends on oxygen to create energy and so our ability to workout relies on 3 systems: Our heart, lungs and muscles.

Understanding what’s blocking O2 delivery allows us to pinpoint the limiting factor in physical performance. Cardio-metabolic analysis offers the only tool able to do that.

Much more than a cardio-metabolic analyzer.

PNOĒ Metabolic analyzer, the most accurate portable metabolic analyzer in the market

PNOĒ platform, the most advanced software for analyzing physiological data

Coaching and education from the world’s best performance coaches and metabolic experts.

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With PNOĒ you can do all traditional metabolic measurements and more in 10 minutes or less using any device or equipment you have available. Then let our experts and software give your clients the most out of their test through the PNOĒ Precision Services

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PNOĒ Precision Services™

All the marketing support you need to make PNOĒ part of your business

Performance Assessment

Analysis of 8 different physiological systems

Workout recommendations to overcome limitations

Thresholds, personalized training zones based on heart rate, SmO2 or watts

Diet Planning

Personalized & sport specific nutrition plan based on metabolic profile, preferences and restrictions

Personalized race fueling strategy

Workout planning

Sport specific workout program focused on overcoming limitations

Breathing and active recovery training

The world’s most advanced software for analyzing physiological data

  • Real time connectivity with PNOĒ devices anywhere around the world
  • Collectively analyze cardiometabolic data, power, speed, elevation, cadence, muscle oxygenation and any other physiological data stream
  • Entire suite of cardio-metabolic graphs including V-slope and Wasserman plots
  • Multiple user access during and after measurement
  • Supports parallel measurement
  • Direct integration with Moxy monitor
  • Compatibility with Fit-files
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Bring the lab anywhere you go

PNOĒ’s software is the world’s only cloud based tool able to combine cardio-metabolic with any other stream of physiological data

PNOĒ Validation Study

Over 40 years of studies have established the clinical utility of cardio-metabolic testing.

The American Heart Association in 2016 elevated VO2max, a core metric of cardio-metabolic analysis into a vital sign and the strongest predictor of longevity

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Our body relies on oxygen to convert energy from nutrients into movement. Therefore our ability to workout is dependent on how effective our body is in absorbing and utilizing oxygen. The 3 main systems that participate in the oxygen delivery are the cardiovascular, respiratory and cellular systems, each one being a potential candidate of the limiting factor of our ability to workout. Metabolic testing is the world’s only assessment that provides the ability to scan the efficiency of these 3 systems and understand which one is the limiting factor to performance.

Learn how the PNOĒ program helped Justin go from 0 to finishing his first full Ironman in just 9 months. All that thanks to constant and precise monitoring of biking and running economy as well as fat burn.

Aaron is the director of Sports Performance at The Howell Rehab Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to that he is passionate about triathlon and got the PNOĒ system for his rehab center but also for his own training. By following the recommendations provided by the PNOĒ report he was able to become a better fat burner, become a better fat burner and ultimately beat expectations this year.