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Philip Goglia – The most famous celebrity nutritionist

As one of most famous nutritionists in the United States, Dr. Philip Goglia has been the coach and nutritionist of several celebrities, business moguls and royalty from all around the world. Throughout his career he has created programs for marvel comics, WBC, the World Boxing Committee , the Kardashians and many more.

Dr. Philip Goglia has been one of PNOE’s early ambassadors and has used its cardio-metabolic analyzer in crafting personalized diets and workouts for several celebrities and athletes. During his appearance on a television show, Philip Goglia described PNOE as “the best metabolic analyzer he has worked with during his career“.

Dr. Philip Goglia is the founder of Performance Fitness Concepts, one of the most elite performance nutrition and rejuvinative health and wellness clinics in the United States. He has been a certified nutritionist for over 30 years and has been recognized as the recipient for the 2009 and 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 Best of Santa Monica Award in the Dietician category by the US Commerce Association. Most recently he was awarded the 2013 “Deborah Constance Children’s Inspiration” award for his commitment to health and wellness mentoring at the inner city charitable foundation “A Place Called Home.”

Max Finkbeiner – Crossfit Treetown Owner

Max Finkbeiner, owner and founder of CrossFit TreeTown began to explore the importance of aerobic capacity and metabolic testing back in 2016 and after months of research decided to invest in a $20k metabolic analyzer. Being notoriously unreliable, as in the case of most medical grade metabolic analyzers, his device exhibited malfunctions from the first tests. After seeing PNOĒ in a social media advertisement he decided to return his first metabolic analyzer, invest in his first PNOĒ device and become one of the first PNOĒ customers. His leap of faith paid back and in less than 2 months. PNOĒ’s ease of use allowed him to implement metabolic testing to nearly every member of his CrossFit Box. By acquiring deep insights into his clients’ metabolic state through the PNOĒ device and educational program he was able to substantiate the effectiveness of his programming which quickly gained popularity among neighboring fitness centers. Max is now expanding his knowledge and programming nationwide through the Ticker Training program, a method with proven results on both CrossFit Athletes and everyday gym goers. Checkout the Ticker Training program at www.crossfittreetown.com.

Despina Zoura – Registered Dietitian

I am now attracting clients all across Italy for my metabolic analysis program.