Clinical Grade Metabolic Analysis Made Easy

Independently validated accuracy
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University of Virginia
Georgetown University

Device Features

Highest recorded accuracy among portable devices

Software runs on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet)

Breath by Breath Analysis

Easy setup and calibration in under one minute

Cloud based software for automatic data analysis and visualization

Real-time connectivity to mobile app

Compatible with medical grade sanitation process

Data access in real time from multiple users anywhere in the world

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The world’s first software that automatically analyzes metabolic information to provide an in depth analysis of heart, lung, muscular, and neuromuscular function in real time.

PNOĒ Data Analysis Platform

The world’s only software that retrieves and visualizes metabolic data in real time, while allowing you to monitor data from your PNOĒ device from anywhere in the world.

Upload any physiological data collected from 3rd party apps and devices to collectively analyze them with the metabolic information recorded by PNOĒ.


VO2 (ml/min)

volume of O2 uptake

VO2 (ml/min)

volume of CO2 production

VE (l/min)


FeO2 (%)

O2 fraction

FeCO2 (%)

CO2 fraction

FetO2 (%)

end-tidal O2

BF (1/min)

breathing rate

VT (l)

tidal volume

FetCO2 (%)

end-tidal CO2

Integrate Data From Other Devices & Apps

The PNOĒ mobile app connects directly to a wide range of devices, syncs their data with the metabolic profile monitored by the PNOĒ device, and transmits them to the PNOĒ data analysis platform. Additionally, you can upload data from 3rd party apps and devices directly on the PNOĒ data analysis platform, sync them with your PNOĒ data, and collectively analyze them.

Nutrition Programming

Workout Programming

PNOĒ Virtual Sessions

PNOĒ Live Sessions

Expand Your Business With Our Ecosystem of Services

PNOĒ is much more than just clinical grade metabolic analysis. It comes with a wide range of services that give your customers a complete workout and nutrition journey that’s hyper-personalized and based on their metabolic profile. Use our revenue calculator to see how PNOĒ’s services can significantly increase your business.

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