Learn how PNOĒ super-changed Aaron’s Ironman performance and that of his physical therapy business

Learn how PNOĒ super-charged Aaron’s Ironman performance and that of his physical therapy business

Aaron Geiser is the Director of Sports Performance at The Howell Rehab Centre in Cincinnati, OH. The Howell Rehab Centre specializes in providing individualized care and training to a wide spectrum of customers and ages including healthy and patient populations as well as professional and recreational athletes. Their personalized rehab and training programs use the most advanced methods and tools in physical therapy and injury prevention.

Aaron is also a competitive triathlete at the half Ironman and full Ironman distances.

He incorporated the PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System™ in his training routine in March of 2019. By precisely measuring how his body was utilizing fat and carbohydrate reserves he was able to develop training plans that increased his body’s reliance on fat. Ultimately, by becoming more fat adapted he was able to increase his performance and go longer for longer periods of time.

Aaron attributes all of that, to knowing his metrics through the PNOĒ testing. PNOĒ has provided him the opportunity to easily acquire precise information about his fuel utilization in different exercise intensities and thus accurately develop training zones.

By basing his training on the training zones provided by PNOĒ, Aaron was able to utilize fat more effectively, determine precisely his carbohydrate fueling for the race and increase his overall fuel economy. The combination of precise training and diet planning eventually led him to beat every expectation this year.

Aaron is looking to further increase his performance by leveraging the insights PNOĒ provides while also using it in his physical therapy business.

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