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The most personalized fitness programming based on individualized metabolic data minus the hassle of building them. The gold standard in nutrition and workout development is now available in your facility.

Making Cardio-metabolic analysis easy

Traditional cardio-metabolic analyzers only provide graphs of raw data or at best a canned report with training zones and your VO2max value. No support or guidance on how to get to a complete workout and nutrition program.

As a result, even though cardio-metabolic testing is the gold standard in workout and nutrition prescription few know about it and even fewer have been tested.

PNOĒ changed that through the PNOĒ Precision Services™, the first complete data interpretation service powered by metabolic experts. It’s a turn key solution that provides complete workout and diet planning based on raw cardio-metabolic data.

The PNOĒ Precision Services™

PNOĒ Fitness & RMR Report

Assessment on 8 different elements of human physiology

Personalize heart rate training zones

Workout recommendations to overcome limitations

PNOĒ Precision Nutrition

7 day meal by meal plan based on personal metabolic profile, food restrictions, preferences, travel plan and more!

Available diets include Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, Paleo and more!

PNOĒ Precision Workout

7 day workout plan based on personalize metabolic profile, medical history, access to equipment and more!

Programs available for athletes and specialized groups


Dedicated assistant coach included to answer questions and provide guidance


Terry is the cofounder of True Motion located in San Diego CA. By using the PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System he is able to assess several different elements in his clients physiology from metabolic rate to breathing efficiency and provide the most effective workout programming. Also thanks to PNOĒ's Precision Diet™ service he is also able to provide his customers with a complete nutritional program without the need for investing in an in-house registered dietician. As a result he is doubling his revenue from each customer.

Christine had tried everything to lose weight but it wasn't until PNOĒ that she actually made it. The precision of the PNOĒ program allowed her to lose weight and keep it off. Here's how PNOĒ helped her.

Kevin is a Certified Exercise Physiologist and USA Triathlon Coach based in Indianapolis. PNOĒ has allowed him to bring gold standard level cardio-metabolic analysis to athletes as well as those looking to lose weight. PNOĒ's ease of use, affordability and portability have allowed him to increase his business revenue and improve his clients' results through more frequent testing.

Freddie Wolner is the owner and CEO of 3PT Healthcare. He is the owner of 3 PNOĒ devices which have allowed him to grow this weight loss business significantly. Freddie has been doing metabolic testing for 25 years and PNOĒ is by far the best device he has ever used.

Alexis is a WHOOP and Peloton user who got tested with the PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis device in order to calibrate her WHOOP device and also get her personalized training zones dialed in. By using her personal heart rate zones she is able to get the most out of her Peloton sessions.

Aaron is the director of Sports Performance at The Howell Rehab Center, Cincinnati, Ohio. In addition to that he is passionate about triathlon and got the PNOĒ system for his rehab center but also for his own training. By following the recommendations provided by the PNOĒ report he was able to become a better fat burner, become a better fat burner and ultimately beat expectations this year.

The Most Lucrative Affiliate Program

By joining the PNOĒ affiliate program you leverage PNOĒ’s network and that of our partners. PNOĒ will direct customers to your location to get tested and will split the profits with you for delivering the test. Plus you get a free lead!

 Expose your business to one of the biggest networks in fitness.

Real revenue builder

Number of members in your business


Additional monthly revenue for your business:

  Active Metabolic test Resting Metabolic test PNOĒ PrecisionDiet* PNOĒ PrecisionDiet & Workout*
Avg Price in the US $150* $80* $199 $299
Avg penetration in US fitness centers 25%** 35%** 15%*** 10%***

* includes cost for testing
** % of clients conducting at least 1 assessment in 12 months period
*** % of clients enrolling for 3 a month program in 12 a month period

The right stuff

All the marketing support you need to make PNOĒ part of your business

Our marketing offers you the ability to apply your branding and creative to all reports, nutrition and workout plans.

Custom branded reports

By enlisting customers in our precision diet and workout services we provide you the option of using Trainerize free of charge branded with your company

Custom branded fitness application

Our marketing team will provide you free of charge brochures and marketing material custom branded with your company

Brochure are market specific covering weight loss, triathlon, wellness and much more

Brochures and marketing support

For a limited number of customers our team will invest in creating and promoting social media adds for our services and drive traffic to your location

All with $0 from you

Collaborative marketing

Why metabolic analysis is the key for the millions struggling to lose weight

Studies have now shown that the millions of failed weight loss attempts are not primarily due to lifestyle change but rather to a physiological change. Simply put, obesity should to be treated as a physical condition

Years of incorrect eating and exercising can lead to a metabolic slow down, a physiological perturbation that is the root cause of most failed weight loss attempts.

Metabolic testing presents the only tool able to detect it and provide guidance to overcome it

Brain & Posture Assessment based on your breath

Breathing is one of the most powerful influencers of your ability to think and stand effectively. Incorrect breathing AKA hyperventilation Chronic hyperventilation, the state where one is breathing too fast and too shallow (i.e. against his metabolic requirements), affects nearly 12% of individuals. During stressful situations just 60 seconds of hyperventilation can reduce oxygen flow to the brain and hamper our ability to think and react fast. Also, hyperventilation compromises posture and can lead to myoskeletal problems like lower back pain. The PNOĒ test can help you track and manage hyperventilation.