What does PNOĒ measure?

PNOĒ measures the oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration as well as the air volume of your breath every couple of milliseconds. By combining these three signals, it calculates 12 biomarkers, which cumulatively paint the picture of the three most important components of your body: heart, lung, brain and metabolism. Among these biomarkers are your oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production per breathing cycle, caloric expenditure, fat and carbohydrate burn, breathing rate and many more.

How can PNOĒ scan metabolism?

Every cell in our body is constantly consuming oxygen to burn nutrients (e.g., fats and carbohydrates), our body’s fuel. This “burning” process releases carbon dioxide as well as the energy found in these nutrients, which is needed to power our vital functions (heart, brain, liver function) and movement (e.g., walking, running). This process is called metabolism and is what keeps us alive. So, by measuring the total oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production of the human body, you effectively measure the cumulative metabolic function of every cell in your body.

How can PNOĒ scan my cardio and lung fitness?

Our heart and lungs supply oxygen and eliminate carbon dioxide. Together, they work like a pump that provides the oxygen our cells need to generate the energy our body requires and then clears the carbon dioxide produced from the burning process. By measuring the amount of oxygen your heart pumps per heartbeat, and the amount of oxygen your lungs absorb per breathing cycle, you can effectively assess their fitness.

How can PNOĒ scan my brain function?

Breath is the most powerful regulator of oxygen delivery to the brain. Ineffective breathing, often referred to as hyperventilation and identified by rapid breathing and low CO2 levels during exhalation, creates a series of negative processes in the human body that constrict the arteries leading to the brain. This constriction limits the transfer of oxygen to the brain, immediately impacting its function. So, by measuring the breathing rate and the concentration of CO2 during exhalation, you can measure the degree of hyperventilation and its impact on brain function.

How can PNOĒ scan my posture?

Breath is one of the most powerful regulators of core stability. Ineffective breathing, often referred to as hyperventilation and identified by rapid breathing and low CO2 levels during exhalation, causes a reduction in abdominal pressure, which leads to an increased likelihood of myoskeletal problems like lower back pain.

Do I need to know how to analyze the data?

No! You will have lifetime access to our proprietary algorithm that analyzes metabolic information automatically and generates a complete assessment report every time you conduct a test.

How do I use PNOĒ?

There are two types of tests you can conduct with PNOĒ, the PNOĒ Exercise Test and PNOĒ Resting Metabolic Rate Test, as well as PNOĒ Guided Sessions:

–      PNOĒ Exercise Test is a standardized test using a cardio device such as a treadmill or stationary bike. In this test, we scan how your metabolism, heart and lungs respond to a series of controlled training conditions ranging from resting to intense exercise. Data from this test is used to provide an accurate evaluation of all the physiological descriptions described in the PNOĒ Exercise Report and to generate detailed workout recommendations.

–      PNOĒ Resting Test is a standardized test where we measure your metabolic function at complete rest. Data from this test is used to calculate your basal metabolic rate and the propensity of your body towards fat and carbohydrate burn.

–      PNOĒ Guided Sessions are 45 min sessions conducted on a cardio device, like a treadmill or stationary bike, specifically developed based on the limitations detected during the PNOĒ exercise test. The live and real-time feedback from the PNOĒ device allows you to exercise at precisely the right state with regards to the biometric related to the system posing the limitation. For example, a respiratory training guided session aiming at lung limitations focuses on keeping you exercising at specific breathing frequencies and expiration volumes.

How will PNOĒ help with performance optimization?

Our body is like an engine that uses oxygen to “burn” nutrients (e.g., fats and carbs), releasing their energy to power physical activity through a process called aerobic metabolism (from the Greek word aeras). This energy-generating mechanism doesn’t cause fatigue and is sustainable for long workouts. 

Therefore, performing physical activity without getting tired is dependent on your ability to absorb oxygen through the lungs, pump oxygen-rich blood through the heart to the working muscles and use the oxygen in your cells to burn nutrients and release their energy.   

This chain can break at any point, causing your body to become less efficient and build fatigue—the points where the chain breaks are your limiting factors. Breaking the chain leads to less oxygen delivery, forcing your body to switch to anaerobic metabolism, a fatigue generating process that reduces your ability to perform physical work. PNOĒ provides the gold-standard method for identifying where your limiting-factor lies and determines the nutrition and training plan to overcome it.  

How will PNOĒ help with weight loss?

You might have heard of the notorious “weight loss plateau,” the state in which you are unable to lose weight even though you are still dieting and consuming fewer calories than before. This plateau is caused by a metabolism slow-down, meaning that your body no longer burns the same amount of calories it used to. In most cases, this phenomenon, also known as adaptive thermogenesis, occurs when people experience a 10-15% reduction in body weight. When this happens, even though you continue to eat fewer calories, the decreased food intake is no longer enough to cause a significant caloric deficit, which is the only way to achieve weight loss, hence, the “weight loss plateau.” As a result, monitoring your metabolic activity, becoming aware of its drop, and changing your nutrition and training plan accordingly, is highly essential for weight loss. 

Will PNOĒ provide me with a nutrition program?

Yes! For $99 per month, you will have access to our dieticians and sports scientists who will develop a complete nutrition and training program based on your metabolic profile and specifically geared towards your fitness goals and limitations. You will also be able to contact our dieticians and sports scientists through text messages and online sessions.

How is PNOĒ able to determine the right training plan for me?

Our workout recommendations always include three forms of exercise, resistance training, low-intensity cardio and high-intensity interval training, and there is a good reason for this. Each type of exercise affects your physiology in different ways.

  • Resistance training primarily targets your muscles.
  • High-intensity interval training primarily targets your heart and lungs.
  • Low-intensity cardio targets the cellular structure of your muscles.

Keep in mind that each system of your body plays, more or less, an essential role in achieving each fitness goal. For example:

  1. When it comes to weight loss and fat loss, the strongest driver is how fast your metabolism is. In other words, your metabolic efficiency.
  2. When it comes to increasing aerobic capacity, the most critical driver is your cardio and respiratory fitness.
  3. When it comes to endurance, the most decisive drivers are your fat-burning efficiency and metabolic efficiency.

As a result, we structured our training recommendations according to the following foundation: Focus training on the type of exercise that will have the biggest impact on the body system that is most crucial for the attainment of your goal.

Is PNOĒ independently validated?

PNOĒ has been independently validated by a multi-center committee of research groups from Rutgers University, Georgetown University and VA Medical Center in Maryland.

How do I clean PNOĒ?

The flow sensor and mask must be sanitized in between people according to the instructions provided for each component below.


We recommend using disinfectant wipes to clean the mask. During cleaning the non-rebreathing valve might be displaced. Make sure it is properly placed, so as not to experience leakages in subsequent tests.

Flow sensor

To sanitize the flow sensor, connect it to the 2 elastic tubes included in the Pnoe kit, and pour disinfectant liquid in the tube until the flow sensor is fully inundated. Gently move it to make sure the solution is in every cavity and there are no vacuums of air. Leave in as long as recommended for the type of solution you are using. Subsequently, empty the disinfectant and pour water in order to clean any remnants of the solution and empty again. To make sure there are no droplets or humidity left in the flow sensor, wipe down the sensor with a dry piece of paper and use a blow dryer for 3-4 minutes to make sure all the cavities are dry. 

Am I able to review and analyze the data myself?

Yes! You’ll have lifetime access to our cloud-based software suite that provides a complete solution for analyzing and visualizing metabolic information. The PNOĒ cloud platform is also interoperable with .fit and .csv files, allowing merging and collective analysis of data from practically any other device.

Am I able to synch PNOĒ with my trainer or other equipment

Yes! PNOĒ connects to the PNOĒ mobile app, as well as several other devices like your trainer, Moxy monitor. By synching different devices to the PNOĒ mobile app, you can automatically time-align their data and collectively broadcast them to the PNOĒ cloud platform for analysis and visualization.

How do I set up my PNOĒ?

It’s simple. Watch the YouTube video attached or contact our team for further assistance.

Can multiple people use PNOĒ?

Yes! Our consumer software license allows users to create up to 3 client profiles. 

From where can I access my assessments?

PNOĒ is cloud-based, which allows you to access your assessments from any tablet, laptop or phone, at any time.

Do I need Wi-Fi or a mobile signal?

No. PNOĒ works in offline mode as well.

How portable is PNOĒ? What are its dimensions?

PNOĒ is fully portable and wearable. It can be worn during any kind of movement and exercise modality.

PNOE device (main unit)

Dimensions: 72mm (W) x 78mm (D) x 108mm (H)

Weight: 410g

PNOE device (flow sensor unit)

Dimensions: 93mm (W) x 48mm (D) x 45mm (H)

Weight: 110g