The Most Advanced
Virtual & Live Group Training Tool


Virtual Sessions

Student View Trainer View

AI body movement detection technology

Our advanced body movement detection technology runs in the background to make sure that all of your clients have a correct form.

Connect Your Heart Rate Monitor

Integration with Apple Watch for personalized HR zone guidance based on goals and fitness level while providing safe workouts for older clients.

PNOĒ Workout Builder

Use the PNOĒ workout builder to develop group workouts or personal weeks-long programs in minutes. Use them in Virtual and Live platforms, and soon in the PNOĒ mobile app!

PNOĒ Live Sessions

Laser accurate calorie counting

PNOĒ Live Sessions sync your clients’ metabolic data with their HR monitor. This gives them real-time guidance based on their personal HR Zones, allowing them to measure their caloric, fat, and carb burn during every activity in your facility.

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