Cardio-metabolic analysis

As any medical grade cardio-metabolic analyzer, PNOE measures a person’s oxygen consumption (VO2), carbon dioxide production (VCO2) and ventilation (VE) during resting and exercise conditions. The combination of these metrics provides unique insights into our body’s physiology including the amount of energy it expends, the type of fuel it utilizes (e.g. fats or carbohydrates) the level of muscle fatigue etc. Today, cardio-metabolic analysis (AKA VO2max, metabolic testing, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, ergospirometry) is being used in the competitive fitness industry to assess the following:

  • Physical exercise intensity
  • Fuel utilization and caloric expenditure
  • Fitness level and progress
  • Optimal training zones depending of goal

Moreover, in the medical and weight loss industry cardio-metabolic testing is used for the following:

  • Cardiovascular & pulmonary disease (CVDP) detection
  • Predicting myoskeletal problems (i.e. lower back pain)
  • Diet prescription and “weight loss plateau”* detection
  • Workout prescription for patients and individuals recovering from injuries or operations
  • Health-risk stratification for healthy individuals
  • Predicting healthcare expenses & longevity

*State at which decreased metabolic state prevents weight loss despite restriction in caloric intake