Join the network to grow your live and virtual business

The PNOĒ affiliate network gives you the visibility, new customer traffic, and support for virtual-client services you need to grow your business

Why become PNOĒ Affiliate

PNOĒ’s affiliate program is the fastest and most dependable method to acquire customers and grow your business. Through our evolving ecosystem of partners we drive customers to your doorstep for a PNOĒ test and offer you many exciting growth opportunities.

Receive walk-in customers who sign-up for PNOĒ testing in your area

Purchase PNOĒ tests for your virtual clients at special rates

Become a PNOĒ services provider in corporate wellness and tactical accounts in your area

How we get you clients

We’re sure you have seen our social media ads. You are not alone however! 90% of those who do are fitness enthusiasts, weekend warriors, or consumers looking for metabolic testing. In other words, your ideal customer! When they book a test through our website we direct them to the closest affiliate to get tested. We compensate you for the test while you work to sign them up in your practice.

We also work with leading brands and athletes who advertise the PNOĒ test to their audience creating more traffic for you!

Annie Thorisdottir

x2 Crossfit Games Champion

Jan Frodeno

Ironman World Champion

Channel partners

Affiliate testing for virtual clients

Fitness has become virtual and so should metabolic testing. By joining our affiliate program we give you the ability to provide PNOĒ testing to your clients, even when they are virtual, offer them hyper-personalized programming based on their metabolism and increase your business revenue!

Our team will undertake their testing by sending a home testing kit or by directing them to the closest affiliate

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Participate in PNOĒ testing events

PNOĒ collaborates with tactical units and corporate wellness providers across the US who are interested in offering metabolic testing to their members. We rely on our network of affiliates to provide testing offering them the ability to sell their services into large accounts and setup large scale partnerships.




Corporate Wellness

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