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PNOĒ has helped thousands of fitness professionals grow their businesses.

Our recipe is simple: We equip you with all the tools you need to offer a unified fitness experience of virtual and live training with nutrition and workout planning, all based on clinically accurate metabolic data. Then we bring more traffic to your business.

Empower Your Business with the PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis Certification

Regardless of access to the PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System™, our Metabolic Analysis Certification is valuable for all fitness professionals interested in expanding their knowledge of metabolic testing.

Expand Your Knowledge

Our program offers a foundational education on three vital elements of human physiology: the cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems. This training further explores how these systems interact and impact a body’s physical limits.

Grow Your Business

Broaden your business’ horizon by becoming an expert in a variety of metabolic/biometric screening services. Speak to your clients' needs. Whether they’re professional athletes or just trying to lose weight, provide valuable biometric insight they won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Provide Effective Programs

Design effective programs for any client with any goal. From targeted training regimes to customized nutrition programs, legitimize your business with the power of effective training based on accurate biometric data.

Trainees Will Learn

Insight Into Human Physiology

Trainees will learn about three vital elements of human physiology: the cardiovascular, respiratory, and metabolic systems, while exploring how they interact and impact a body’s physical limits.

Identify Physical Limitations

Trainees will gain a comprehensive understanding of cardiometabolic analysis using a variety of testing techniques and equipment, including the PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System.

Cardiometabolic & Biometric Testing

Trainees will discover best practices for how to best utilize a cardiometabolic analyzer to accurately identify physiological limitations.

Build Science-Backed Programs

Trainees will use exercise physiology and information from biometric screening devices to create training programs that address physiological limitations and strike the optimum balance of resistance, interval, and cardio training.

Get Certified

Levels of Certification

Our Metabolic Analysis Certification consists of up to three levels of certification. Certification Levels 1-2 of the PNOĒ Certification Training Program is available for free for all PNOĒ owners.

Level 1

PNOĒ Fundamentals Certificate

With the Fundamentals Certification, trainees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how the three major physiological systems - cardiovascular, respiratory and metabolic - interact to affect human performance. This certification also covers the best practices for metabolic/biometric analysis and how to build results-oriented training programs for a variety of clientele ranging from those looking to lose weight to professional athletes.

Level 2

PNOĒ Advanced Certificate

The Advanced Certification dives deeper into metabolic and biometric analysis by covering sport-specific testing and how best to integrate data from multiple sources to identify performance limitations and maximize results. This course also teaches trainees how biometric screening devices and concepts can inform live/group training, nutrition, recovery/wellness, load management and periodization.

*Level 1 certification is required

Level 3

PNOĒ Expert Certificate

Join the PNOE team in Greece for hands-on training in cardiometabolic and biometric testing, data analysis, and limitation identification. Trainees will apply it in a practical setting using different testing/training devices and methods that will minimize clients’ limitations and maximize their performance. In addition, this certification teaches how to use nutrition, load management, and recovery measurement to help design safe and effective periodized training programs for any client.

Daniel Crumback

Meet your new instructor and PNOĒ’s Head of Science & Education

Daniel Crumback a certified Sport Physiotherapist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, High Performance Specialist, and Strength/Conditioning Coach with ASCA and NSCA.
Here’s a bit of Daniel’s background:

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