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Why use PNOĒ

PNOĒ gives you the most comprehensive and insightful health assessment allowing you to develop an accurate nutrition and workout plan, in just 10 minutes.

Pnoe device
*Training zones derived from lab-based VO2max protocols and FTP tests provide little information on our body’s performance, fatigue and fuel consumption (carbohydrate VS fat). Results of such tests are affected substantially by real-life conditions (weather, psychology, fatigue, landscape etc.) or by dynamic sports such as CrossFit.
  • Measure energy expenditure Measure your body’s true fuel consumption in real-life conditions to optimize your nutrition and workout intensity for every race or event*.
  • Determine training zones Find your optimal pace and true training zones based on weather conditions, landscape and sport.
  • Assess muscle fatigue Measure muscle exhaustion to optimize training intensity and avoid injuries.
  • Connect with your trainer Communicate biometrics to your trainer anywhere around the world in real-time.
  • Synch with your smart-watch Synchronize your metabolic profile during exercise and rest with your smart-watch and measure 24-hour caloric expenditure with 5x greater accuracy compared to standard smart watches.
  • Conduct unlimited tests Conduct unlimited RMR and VO2max tests to accurately determine nutritional needs, anywhere at all times.
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