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  • James Newburry
    4 X Australia’s Fittest Man, 2019 CrossFit Games 5th Place, Owner of crossfit Soul365

    PNOĒ is a great tool because it pinpoints the limiting factor in your performance and then provides you with the program to overcome it.

  • Robert Killian
    2015 & 2019 Spartan Race World Champion, 2009 Kona Ironman Military World Champion

    PNOĒ helped me take my training to the next level by giving movement specific training recommendations.

  • Matt Chan
    Crossfit Legend, 6x CrossFit Games finishing 2nd in 2012

    PNOĒ is awesome because it gives detailed info on your metabolic efficiencies and inefficiencies. Optimize your own performance and grow your business with PNOĒ.

Metabolic analysis & the tools to grow your business

The PNOĒ Metabolic Analysis System offers your customers clinically accurate measurements of their metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness in just 10 minutes. PNOĒ’s Precision Nutrition, Virtual Sessions, Group Training, and Workout Builder then offer them a unified experience powered by their personal metabolic profile.

The first all-in-one system offering hyper-personalized fitness programming, engagement, and tracking, in and out of your facility.

10 Minute Test
Personalized Nutrition/Workout
Virtual Sessions
Live Group Training
Metabolic Testing

It starts with Metabolic Testing

PNOĒ is the world’s first affordable clinical grade metabolic analyzer.

In just 10 minutes it offers your clients a 360 degree view of their metabolic, heart, lung and cellular fitness. It’s portable and easy to use, allowing any fitness professional to perform metabolic analysis with no extra training.

The cloud-based software provides instant access and data analysis meaning it’s never been easier to measure essential metabolic functions, identify limiting factors, and develop individualized nutrition and workout programming for your clients.

Start metabolic analysis today

Deep Insights. Hyper-Personalized Programming.

The most complete picture of human physiology

PNOĒ’s proprietary data analysis software is the only commercially available tool for automatically analyzing all metrics measured during a metabolic test. The result is the PNOĒ Report, the most comprehensive scan of your client’s physiology that goes far beyond reporting RMR, VO2max, and training zones.

Nutrition Programming

Introducing your clients to a world class nutrition service has never been easier.

Our registered dietitians translate your clients PNOĒ data to build personalized nutrition programs based on their metabolic profiles, fitness goals, dietary preferences, and restrictions.

Plans are delivered in under 24 hours.

Workout Programming

Bringing an Olympic athlete’s level of training to your clients is now possible.

Our exercise scientists analyze the cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic profile of your clients to identify their limitations and develop a workout plan that targets them.
Human Physiology Nutrition Programming Workout Programming
The Most Comprehensive Tool to Take Your Business Virtual

Live Workout Sessions

* No need for Metabolic Test

Automatic movement tracking and form correction, music streaming, biometric tracking and HR zone guidance, leaderboard and gamification features! All you need to deliver a cinematic experience in one place.

Student View Trainer View


The Most Advanced Group Training System for Your Gym

Laser accurate calorie, real time fat and carbohydrate burn in every activity your clients do in your gym. All powered by their personal metabolic profile. Connectivity with all heart rate trackers and Apple Watch.

* No need for Metabolic Test
The Most Advanced Group Training System for Your Gym

PNOĒ Certification Program

The world’s first comprehensive training series built to equip fitness and health professionals with the power to harness the full potential of cardiometabolic testing and a multitude of other frequently used biometric analysis methods.

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