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For fitness professionals looking for a turn-key solution to offer nutrition coaching and science-based programming to their clients - 100% customized to their brand.

  • PNOĒ Metabolic Analyzer
  • Personal Diet Plans
  • Personal Workouts
  • Coaching
  • All-in-one

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Measure your client's metabolism with the gold standard method using PNOĒ metabolic analyzer.


Within 24 hours, our team of experienced health experts will create a fully customized nutrition and workout program based on your client’s metabolic type, nutrition preferences, habits and even nearby or favorite restaurants.

Provided diet plan is periodically updated by our health coaches based on feedback from the client’s experience, activity data and metabolic rate - all offered through a custom-branded training application.



Our health coaches will guide your client through their personal nutrition and workout program, while keeping a close collaboration with you in order to ensure that the diet provided is in line with your workout plan and keeps boosting their metabolism.

Providing psychological support whenever needed, our health and nutrition experts are also available 24/7 to answer any questions or inquiries about food options and possible alternatives in special occasions.

The most lucrative tool in your practice


$70/client/mo average profit increase

45% increase in client retention

PNOĒ Device


$7,500 purchase


Custom branded

assessment report




Detailed Workout

& Diet planning




Detailed Workout

& Diet planning




+ Coach

All you do is promote the service & up-sell.

We take care of the rest!

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"PNOĒ is the best weight loss tool I have worked with in my career"

Dr. Philip Goglia

Top Nutritionist in the US

Breath Analysis Value

Long-established and scientifically validated use in diet and workout programs development

Enhanced reliability method for determining metabolic rate and measuring fat and carbohydrates

Strong indicator for heart and lung health and metabolic syndrome

High-fidelity predictor of body imbalances and posture problems

Ever wondered why losing weight and keeping it off can be a challenge? 

The answer lies in our metabolism, the process by which our body uses fats and carbohydrates to produce energy or, in other words, burn calories.

Losing weight is all about burning more calories than we ingest. Incorrect diet and workout can slow down our metabolism, driving our body to burn fewer calories daily, thus joining the notorious "weight loss plateau".

Metabolic breath analysis is the most scientifically validated tool for caloric burn measurement and sustainable diet and allows appropriate workout plans prescriptions.

Overcoming Weight Loss Plateau

High risk of cardiovascular or pulmonary diseases among people with excess weight requires close monitoring of heart and lung health during weight loss. 

Breath analysis is able to detect early signs of heart and lung disease, comprising a lifesaving method for the significant percentage of people who experience heart attacks without respective medical history or any prior symptoms.

In just 10 minutes, PNOĒ provides comprehensive workout and diet guidance as well as assessment of your client’s heart and lung health.

Looking out for the silent killers

Upon food consumption, our body uses nutrients in order to produce the energy needed to power our daily activities and sustain life. The most important nutrients are fats and carbohydrates, the mix of which we use for our activities and routines all around the clock. 

However, fat usage varies a lot from one person to another and can significantly increase with the right diet and workout plan. 

The assessment of our metabolic profile is the key means to determining the ideal fitness plan ιn order to teach our body how to burn fat properly and achieve the highest fat burn measurements possible.

Accelerating fat burning

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